We can take care of your business

Sunshine Movers have everything you’ll need to complete a business relocation. If you engage us, you’ll be with a professional team during this entire process. We understand that moving your office is an important event for you and we can take care of everything with care and professionalism.

Regardless of the size of your business, we are prepared to relocate your office efficiently and effectively. We’ll take care of your items with the best packing and wrapping services and also provide storage facilities or special treatment for any sensitive equipment that you may have.

Moving an entire business can be a hard task but we’re here to help you and make this process easier. Our professional team is highly experienced and we guarantee you the best service. We’ll adapt to your needs as much as possible within the limits of your schedule.

A residential move is completely different from a commercial move, from the equipment that we use right down to the way that the items have to be packed. We know that one of the most important things when you have to move your office is being assured that the moving company will keep your belongings secure. Our goal is to ensure you not only experience a high-quality move, but also the highest standard of customer service.

Tips for packing your office

If you engage our services, we can do all the packing and wrapping for you. But if you are on your own and you don’t know anything about how to pack your office for the move, we’ve got some great tips that can help you:

  • Remove fragile items from your desk. Pens, paper clips, etc. should be placed in a sealed envelope or box.
  • Any personal valuables must be removed prior to the moving process. If you have employees, ask them to pack up smaller items and personal valuables at their personal workstation.
  • Get several small boxes for all the items from your desk. If you use just one for all the desk drawers you’ll waste time after reorganizing everything. Use one box for each drawer and label each one clearly.
  • When packing your personal computer, disconnect and mark all the wires and cables for easier assembly once you arrive at your new premises.
  • Back up all your computer files.
  • Label everything – this is the easiest way to locate all your items when unpacking. Write the name of the object and the room that it belongs to. Place the labels where they can be easily seen. Maybe you think that labelling a chair is unnecessary because you can see that is a chair – but it is really important that you tag everything, including the desk, monitors, keyboards, lamps, etc.

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