We can make your move stress-free

Interstate moving can be a stressful process. However, Sunshine Movers have all the experience and professionalism that you’ll need. Our team of interstate movers is ready to provide you with the best service anywhere in the country.

Regardless of whether your move needs a large or small packing and wrapping service, we can personalize our services according to your needs to create the perfect moving solution. We’ll be by your side during the entire operation and you can count on our knowledge if you have any doubts or questions. Moving to a new state doesn’t have to be a cause of major stress – we are here to take care of everything, so you can just relax and enjoy this new chapter in your life.

We provide a full range of services that cover all the moving needs you may have. Regardless of how simple or complex your move is, Sunshine Movers have a solution for you. Our moving services ensure that we can manage every part of the moving process, from the packing and wrapping to the vehicle shipping. For us, none of your requests are too hard to handle – we are professionals and we are here to take care of all your demands.

Tips for moving out of state

Moving into another state can be a very hard decision and can result in a difficult moving process. You are ending a chapter in your life to start a new one in a place that may be completely new for you. This journey can be very stressful and having a successful relocation depends on how prepared you are, as well as the company that you’ll engage to be by your side and help you. We’ve got some great tips that you can use as guidance during this process:

  • Be organized: If you organize everything in advance you’ll have an easier moving process. Start writing all the things that you have to do and start checking all your belongings to identify items that you don’t need anymore.
  • Create a list: After you select the items that you’ll absolutely need for your new place, you should create an inventory or list with all your belongings so you’ll have a backup for when you’re unpacking.
  • Notify key services of your move: when you are moving into another state, it is important that you notify key services and your utility providers of your move.
  • Confirm arrangements: If you’ve already hired a moving company, make sure to be clear about the moving process and reconfirm all the preparations to ensure everything will happen according to your schedule.
  • Establish your budget: create a list with all your moving expenses so you can anticipate just how much you’ll have to pay.
  • Exchange contact info: If you’re moving to another state you’ll want to double-check that you have the contact information of your moving company. In case something goes wrong during the moving process, it is important that you have the phone number handy.

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